SPEED Share “Real Life Love” From Upcoming Debut Album “Only One Mode”

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SPEED and hardcore are two words that have become synonymous on a global scale. The Sydney, Australia based band have staked claim on the genre through exhilarating live performances, epic music videos and staying true to themselves. The five-piece have coined the phrase Only One Mode, so it’s no surprise it declares the title of their first full-length album. Set for release July 12th through their label homes Flatspot Records (USA) and Last Ride Records (AUS), the debut exemplifies the band’s growth while still delivering the SPEED ethos. This is what they’re about: Hardcore, played hard, played fast, “for us, by us”, explicit, immediate, definitive, hinting at all the crucial bands that have come before them.


Today, the band have shared Real Life Love, the first single and opening track on Only One Mode. The song is about the loyalty and realness they’ve learnt from hardcore, how SPEED connected through showing up; a depth of expression and emotion set against very punishing music. Tough vocals, jolting grooves, pummeling breakdowns, Real Life Love has everything that makes up the SPEED sound. The video for the track, produced by SPEED and friends Jack Rudder & Thomas Elliot, celebrates the Sydney hardcore scene.

“My time in hardcore has informed the relationships I have with everyone I hold close. An unconditional sense of love and loyalty. A bond that knows no words. Relationships that now span a lifetime. To us, this unique sense of deep-seated understanding is the essence of HC, it’s what we’re most passionate about and grateful for. Yet there are many in, and especially outside of this space who conflate this idea. If you stick around long enough, you might just get it. Otherwise, what’s the point to all of this?” (vocalist Jem Siow)