Stereo Killer To Take On MySpace

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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Stereo has announced plans to take on for the control of the band profile page market share. For years, Myspace Music has been to go to place for bands to share their music online; however, Chris Brickhouse, owner and operator of, their media player is outdated, their profiles are littered with Myspace navigation, and their pages take too long to load. He explains:

The Myspace media player downgrades the bitrate of the music, making it sound ‘fuzzy’ and play at a lower volume, whereas our media player doesn’t require flash… The music is exactly the same quality as uploaded. They degrade the songs to save disk space… We won’t sacrifice the music quality for a few bytes of space.”

To that end, the site has launched fully customizable band profile pages  in an ongoing effort to foster band development and promotion. Saying that a band can have their page and running within five minutes, the site allows users to do live previews of the site’s appearance before committing to the design, and the number of tracks a user can upload is unlimited.

In addition to visual customization, users have the ability to sell merchandise (without paying a fee) on their page. The interface allows them to manually add items, then facilitates a transaction (single or multiple) via PayPal. There is also the option to connect to display Twitter activity, list upcoming shows, embed videos, and update fans with news, etc. started in 1998 as a forum for Hardcore, Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, Emo, and Indie fans. It has since become a free music hosting site and community with over 250,000 members and 40,000 bands.

Not sure what to think? Check out some of the Band profiles already there.