Streetlight Manifesto Announce New Album, Boycott Victory Records

  • Alyssa Hewitt posted
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Streetlight ManifestoSka outfit Streetlight Manifesto have announced on their website that they in in the final stages of recording their upcoming album, expected to drop sometime this summer.

The band also announced that they are boycotting Victory Records, and ask that fans no longer purchase their music or merchandise direct from that label.  A statement from their website reads:

“We’re not writing this today to air grievances, of which there are many; numerous bands’ struggles with Victory are well-documented (and many more are sealed by a court of law), so we figured we’re going to skip the allegations and try to solve the problem, as we see it.

We’re writing today to ask you to please boycott all Streetlight related items by not purchasing any of our records or merchandise from Victory’s website, any traditional CD stores, online third party retailers or any digital distribution service (iTunes, Amazon etc). Victory has a long-time reputation of pocketing all of the proceeds from a band’s music and merch, with shady accounting and generally bully-ish behavior. If you want to support Streetlight, our music and our ability to tour and continue to release music, please make all SM related purchases from our own webstore, The RISC Store (, or come out to a show and buy a shirt or cd from us directly. “

More information regarding the new album and how to support the band going forward can be found on their official website.