Strike Twelve Reveal “Not A Phase” Video

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Long-running San Diego/Temecula punk band Strike Twelve have released a brand new music video for Not A Phase, a track taken from the trio’s recent album, Last Band Standing, that is available via Thousand Islands Records.

“”Not a Phase” is the opening track on our newest full-length “Last Band Standing,” which was released June 30, 2023 on Thousand Islands Records. The music video is a compilation of archived videos, photos and flyers from our 20+ years as a band. It was painstakingly pieced together by the one and only Felony Ron of Felony Films / Felony Records. We joke around that when people like our wives first met us, they thought the band was a temporary phase. Now, decades later, we’re still going strong. While being in a band has great potential to be disruptive to the rest our lives, it is in fact the glue that holds us together.”