Sweeping Exits Release Stream Of ‘Bigotry And Barbecue’

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Sweeping Exits Glitter And BloodPortland queer horror glam rock outfit Sweeping Exits have just released a stream their new single, Bigotry And Barbecue, the second song from their debut full length, Glitter And Blood, that is set to be released on June 9th via Matriarch Queen Records.

You can pre-order Glitter And Blood here

You can stream Bigotry And Barbecue via Bandcamp here

Singer Mira Glitterhound explains the story behind Bigotry And Barbecue below

Bigotry And Barbecue came out of a painful experience, where a friend and I were chased through Portland’s industrial district by two men yelling slurs, one of whom had a knife. A couple weeks later I wrote this song, placing Glitter & Blood’s central character Desmond in the same scenario. This was a turning point in my writing, where I started to use the vampire’s powers as an instrument of Queer empowerment