Telethon To Release ‘The Grand Spontanean’ This Friday

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Telethon TGSTelethon‘s 90 minute, 30 song, 5 act concept album, The Grand Spontanean, will be released this Friday, September 29 via Halloween Records, and features guest spots by Laura Stevenson, Chris Farren and members of The Hold Steady, Less Than Jake and TV On The Radio. The Grand Spontanean is a cosmic trip of punk rock filtered through straight up rock n’ roll, power pop and every other style in which they could meld their sound into. It resulted in a true blue rock opera about a self-centred, internet addicted twenty-something realizing the world’s about to end in a storm of noise and chaos. Digital pre-orders are now available, along with a limited edition CD box set with extensive liner notes and more, you can pre-order The Grand Spontanean here

You can view a quote from guitarist Kevin Tully and Telethon‘s tour dates below

It all revolves around a normal, millennial-era dude, just a person who’s slightly screen-addicted. And he’s going through tough times in his relationships with people, and various anxieties and worry and pushing away people around him. That’s how it begins. So he starts going to therapy in around the third or fourth song. And he hears some stuff that’s hard to hear, gets some stuff to work on, and ultimately he winds up where he always winds up at night, which is on the internet, just looking at nothing in particular. And he stumbles upon a website that is “The Page at the End of the Internet,” which is a mysterious website prophesying the end of the world in only a couple weeks, in a sort of grisly fashion. And it sends him spiraling, because for some reason or another he believes it, as we do when something triggers our imagination and anxiety at the same time. We believe it. And he keeps it to himself, and eventually the rest of the world finds it too, through some means that isn’t really explained. And that sets off a series of apocalyptic events that comprise the second half of the record.

Telethon ‘The Grand Spontanean’ Tour Dates

9/29- Milwaukee, WI- Sabbatic Bar
10/5 – Milwaukee, WI – Frank’s Power Plant
10/6 – Chicago, IL – Burlington Bar
10/7 – Delavan, WI – LSJ Music Company
10/27 – Gainesville, FL – Durty Nelly’s (FEST 16 gig)