Telethon Unveil New Album “Swim Out Past the Breakers”

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Telethon recorded their new album, Swim Out Past the Breakers, over the course of the year 2020 and finalised the album in early 2021. The album also features guest spots from Future Teens, Chris Farren, Oceanator and many more. If you’re a fan of alt-rock/power-pop with a punk influence then Swim Out Past the Breakers is the album for you.

“A lot of effort and human blood (our own) went into making it. Gene Jacket played nearly all of his keyboard parts with a broken wrist, which was obtained via botched drop-in on a quarter pipe. Kevin broke his glasses during the recording of this album while in a verbal brawl with Psycho J about the guitar solo in “Bad Dudes”. Gene miraculously used a Bic lighter to fix the glasses and they remain fixed to this day. One of Gru’s lovable and hardworking Minions was sadly destroyed during a fit of temporary group bloodlust. Drum was recovering from a broken butthole during the months preceding this album’s recording. No, seriously! He’s fine now though. Strong and solid; a good boy.”

Swim Out Past The Breakers is now available via Take This To Heart Records