The Baby Seals Drop Debut Album “Chaos”

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The Baby Seals have today released their debut album, Chaos, via Trapped Animal Records, Green Island Music & Big Romantic Records. Chaos is a sonic exploration that blends heavy guitars and a pop edge with a punk rock garage spirit and a heavy attack. The band, comprised of Amy “Amos” Devine on drums and backing vocals, Kate Shore on bass and backing vocals and Kerry Devine on guitar and lead vocals, delivers a raw and energetic collection that captures the essence of their live performances. A review of Chaos will appear on The Punk Site shortly

Recorded in March 2023 in Thaxted, just outside of Essex, Chaos embodies the DIY ethos that defines The Baby Seals‘ approach to music. Working with engineer Joe in a secluded outhouse surrounded by fields, the band laid down the tracks live over a day, capturing the unfiltered essence of their sound. Joe’s extensive collection of homemade pedals added a unique touch to the recording, while Benny T’s mixing expertise brought the album to its final form. The decision to minimise post-production sets Chaos apart from previous recordings, reflecting the band’s commitment to authenticity and a desire to showcase their growth and maturity.

Chaos is the next phase in life for us lasses in the band – babies and mid-life responsibilities. The album definitely is about how we feel and experience the world around us in our 30s and 40s. Someone who heard the album recently said it’s like the The Baby Seals have grown up and I liked that because that’s what I feel likes happened to me in the last two years… The album definitely has Themes: inclusivity, gender inequality, the mental load, the motherload, power, body positivity, challenging taboos, liberation. The importance of what to take seriously and what not to take seriously.” (Kerry Devine)