The Black Halos Stream Title Track From Upcoming ‘Uncommonwealth’ EP

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Although there have been a plethora of punk revivalists over the years, Vancouver’s The Black Halos look to a slightly different golden age than that of The Clash and Buzzcocks; they’re more enamored of the glammed-up trash-rock of the New York Dolls, the sonic scuzz of The Stooges, and the snotty nihilism of The Dead Boys. In 1999 the group released their self-titled debut record on Sub Pop imprint Die Young Stay Pretty before switching to Sub Pop proper, where they released the Jane Doe / Russian Roulette seven-inch and their Jack Endino-produced second album, The Violent Years, in spring 2001. After a brief split, a new line-up of the band re-grouped for 2005’s Alive Without Control that was followed shortly after by 2007’s We Are Not Alone before the band split again shortly afterwards.

In 2016, founding members Rich Jones and Billy Hopeless reunited for the first time in 15 years for a riotous tour of Spain. Original guitarist Jay Millette re-joined the fold in 2019 and the band played their first Canadian show in over a decade to a sold out house at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. 2020 saw a new self titled album from this line-up, with line up rounded out by bassist John Kerns (The Age Of Electric) and drummer Danni Action (Midnight Towers), and more shows in the pipeline. The Black Halos are now set to release their brand new EP, Uncommonwealth, on Toronto’s newest, loudest label Cursed Blessings Records in July 2021, ahead of the release the band are streaming the EP’s title track

“….What can you do when life gives you lemons you ask ? Well squirt the juice in its eyes I reply, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with this new 3 song E.P.! Just take the lyrics “It’s the punchline line of the century that Brian Jones sunk like a stone ” from the song Fossil Fuel and the line “So this is what it looks like under the bus!” from the title track Uncommon Wealth. We’re not talking ballads here kids. Finishing it off we got a cover of the song Shoot You Down by the British gem of the delete bin band,  Birdland, that we fell in love with and used to jam in the early years. We Hope these three offerings will keep you burning until the upcoming, soon to be announced, full length…” (Billy Hopeless)

You can pre-order the Uncommonwealth EP via Cursed Blessings Records