The Brat’s “Straight Outta East LA” Compilation Gets Vinyl Reissue

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The Brat was a Chicano punk rock ensemble formed in the barrios of East Los Angeles. Its three core members were lead singer Teresa Covarrubias and guitarists Rudy Medina and Sidney Medina. From 1979 to 1985, The Brat was a hardworking and politically conscious band, nurtured by the Do-It-Yourself punk scene of East L.A. In late 1980 the group was signed as the flagship act for Fatima Recordz, the upstart label of another local punk band, the Plugz. This collaboration resulted in the Brat’s only official recording issued during their existence, the 5-song Attitudes EP.

The Brat

In the past decade, The Brat‘s classic recordings have enjoyed a resurgence in attention. Liberation Hall issued the 21-track Straight Outta East L.A. compilation on CD and vinyl in 2017. Due to demand, the title is now being reissued on limited edition red & blue-swirled vinyl by RockBeat Records, an affiliate of Liberation Hall. The Brat also featured prominently in the documentary film, Chinatown Punk Wars, which debuted on PBS in October. Straight Outta East L.A. is set to be released on vinyl on March 22nd to celebrate Women’s History Month