The Calamatix Sign To Hellcat Records & Release “Rootstyle” Single

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The Calamatix are a reggae-rooted, punk-flavored quartet led by the alluring vocals of songstress Raylin Joy, and made complete by guitarist Adam Porris, bassist William “Matty” Taylor and drummer Clarence “Pocket” Kidd III. Following in the path of ska and reggae legends like Hepcat and The Interrupters, they have now signed to Hellcat Records and released their dynamic new single, Rootstyle.

“”Rootstyle” was one of the first songs we ever wrote and was a huge influence sparking our project before The Calamatix even existed. We wanted to capture that feeling of when you just wanna chill and listen to music in the sun! An anthem just in time for the summer months coming up.” (Raylin Joy)