The Corps Release “Dog Of War” On New Single

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Vancouver, BC skatepunk outfit The Corps have released their new single, Dog Of War, via Thousand Islands Records. The track marks their first new music since the addition of new members and Vancouver punk rock veterans Morgan Farrell (ATD / Blacked Out / Bishops Green) on guitar and Dave Derksen (ATD / Little Fix / Whiskey River Gun Club) on bass.

“The comic book mask of ‘Dog of War’ is about Orion, the son of Darkseid. He was raised by his enemy Highfather as part of an exchange with his son Scott Free, so a peace treaty could be formed between the two nemeses. The song itself embodies the height of the inevitable rage that consumes a person who’s been living their life with no recognizable traits or practices. Knowing you’re an alien, knowing you’re different.”


The Corps will release their anticipated sophomore album later this year via Thousand Islands Records and will be on tour in Eastern Canada with Darko and in Western Canada with Authority Zero, in May and June respectively.