The Dirty Nil Drop New Album “Free Rein To Passions”

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Ontario’s rock ‘n roll torchbearers The Dirty Nil have released their fourth album, Free Rein To Passions, via Dine Alone Records. Following up on the previously shared Nicer Guy and Celebration visuals, the trio have also dropped a new music video for Blowing Up Things In The Woods, an ode to the simple joys of fireworks, explosions and pyrotechnic annihilation, as well as an homage to their adolescence.

On Free Rein to Passions, the band followed their instincts down to the note to produce their most authentic work to date. The Nil‘s back-to-basics approach was a direct reaction to their previous record, 2021’s Fuck Art, a creative process that brought too many industry people whispering in the band’s ears, telling them how to polish and tweak their songs to fit on the radio or streaming playlists or whatever other arbitrary whims the modern music machine demands.

The Dirty Nil

“There were all these expectations and pressures, people telling us to try this or that. We’re by no means the biggest band in the world, but in our ecosystem it became hard to try to make all these people happy. We were given challenges, and I think we met them, but getting to that place, it made me realize: ‘If we go any further in this direction, then I don’t know what we’re doing anymore.’ It had gotten to a point where the creation wasn’t very fun.” (frontman Luke Bentham)