“The Inevitables Vs Youth City Sound System” Album Released

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The Inevitables have released The Inevitables vs Youth City Sound System full length via Lost Music Collective. The album has pop-punky riffs and reggae-inspired rhythms that definitely fall under the greater ska punk umbrella, as well guest appearances from the likes of Drives The Common Man and Sharp Shock‘s Davey Warsop, but it doesn’t provide anything stereotypical or easily pigeonholable.

“We have been using these Youth City Sound System releases to explore beyond just ska and ska-punk. Diving into reggae, dub, and electronic music to expand the colors we can work with while continuing to build out our visual and sonic universe. Youth City Sound System is evolving in such a fun way for us within The Inevitables’ universe. I’m excited to see it continue to take different shapes and vibe as we keep telling The Inevitables’ story.”