The Interrupters Release Two Songs From ‘Say It Out Loud’ Album

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Interrupters Band Pic

Los Angeles based ska punk band The Interrupters have released their sophomore album, Say It Out Loud, this week on Hellcat Records. The album packed with snarling guitar riffs and growling vocals that pays homage to the life saving power of music, Say It Out Loud is undeniably fun and urgent in message. Backing their modernized two tone tinged, guitar fueled, melody heavy sound are lyrics that confront everything from social control and self-empowerment to domestic violence and the media circus surrounding the presidential election.

Say It Out Loud is a batch of feel good songs proving The Interrupters‘ unstoppably upbeat spirit. You can listen to two tracks that have been released for streaming, you can hear On A Turntable here and By My Side here

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You can purchase Say It Out Loud here