The Kanz Drop “Stoned” Video

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Since their formation in 2018, The Kanz have continually cultivated an encompassing experience for their fans. With their brand of hi-octane up-tempo rock that pulls in US pop-punk culture, a rampant love of sci-fi and engaging electronics. The electro pop punks are now poised to set loose their new single, Stoned. The cut heralds the rebirth of pop punk, reloaded with a fresh digital twist.

“’Stoned’ is a declaration of love made by a very shy and insecure teenager who can’t really express his feelings as they really are, and instead, prefers to create an avatar of himself: invincible and desirable in the eyes of the world, in an attempt to hide what is really happening under the surface.” (frontman Fabio Nania)

You can get Stoned here