The Lovely Eggs Reveal “Nothing/ Everything” On Epic New Single

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For The Lovely Eggs being in a band is a way of life. It’s about art. It’s about creativity and expression. It’s about following your own path, doing things your own way and it’s about doing what you want. And it’s about taking the longest song you’ve written to date and releasing it as a single! Lifted from the band’s forthcoming Eggsistentialism album, Nothing/Everything clocks in at just over seven-minutes and is nothing short of The Lovely Eggs magnum opus about life. It’s gorgeously melodic, uplifting yet melancholic, and sparkling with psychedelic glitter. The song is complimented by a video created by contemporary visual artists Wood & Harrison.

We are huge fans of Wood and Harrison. As soon as we discovered their work, we felt an immediate connection with what they were doing and drew parallels between what they seemed to be expressing through their art with what we are trying to achieve through music. We had such a clear vision that they had to make the video for ‘Nothing/Everything’. We love their work and we’re so glad that they could be involved. Nothing/Everything is the Yin/Yang of life. There’s hope and despair, patience and frustration, the mundane and the extraordinary. There is a universal and eternal magic within the everyday world around us that needs to be recognised, especially when the chips are down. This song is simply what is. It’s not looking forward or back. It’s us now. It’s uplifting and it’s tragic.” (singer Holly Ross)

The Lovely Eggs

Nothing/Everything is out today and is available as a limited edition 7” on yellow vinyl with more out of this world artwork by illustrator Casey Raymond. The A Side features the full 7-minute 02s second opus, while the flip features a single edit cut. In true Lovely Eggs style, every 7” copy bought direct from the band’s website will include a limited-edition collectible mystery scratch card. What will you win? Nothing? Or Everything?