The Mr. T Experience To Release ‘MTX Forever’ Compilation

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MTX Forever: A History Of The Concept Of The Mr. T Experience” will be released tomorrow, the album kicks off the reissues of the Mr. T Experience discography on Sounds Rad Records. Frontman and sole original member Dr. Frank spent two-years searching, archiving, and transcribing their entire catalog of releases before handing them over for careful remastering by Justin Perkins of Mystery Room Mastering. Each release will sound fuller and louder than the original releases owing to sourcing from the masters. These reissues give fans both new and old a chance to listen to the Mr. T Experience in a way that has never been presented before and will be a must-have for audiophile punks, geeks, and neer-do-wells to add to their collections.
MTX Forever” can be pre-ordered via Sounds Rad Records here