The Nagging Doubts Release ‘Autocalm’ EP

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The Nagging Doubts were still at High School in Sydney when they made their first acclaimed EP, Deug Lane, which was lovingly catapulted into the world via ex-Lemonheads drummer Nic Dalton on his label imprint Half A Cow. A year on and, following an introduction by Dalton, the band found themselves in a studio working on mixes with acclaimed producer Wayne Connolly and stepping into a new direction: all darkly simmering, glittery post-punk ambience; and punchy, Peter Hook inspired baselines.

This new aesthetic sees The Nagging Doubts release their much-anticipated new EP, Autocalm, through Connolly‘s own record label Scenic Drive. These elements have culminated in a growing understanding of how to curate a mature, coherent sound, imbued with light and shade and pensive progression. Autocalm will establish the band as bona fide inheritors of any buzz-worthy forms of critical acclaim that may come their way. Such is the bands belief in their work and willingness to back their ambition, this new EP will be boldly anchored by Through a Glass Darkly (Part 1 & 2), a two-part single which clocks in at nearly ten minutes.

Fittingly, the title of the 7 track Autocalm EP draws from a 1960’s advertisement for pharmaceuticals; and the music contained on the records, including previous singles Berlin and A Shot In The Dark, grapple with the whirlwind of anxiety, ecstasy, disillusionment and fulfillment that sweeps you up in the turbulence of entering adulthood. These are topics in which the band members, all close childhood friends, are well versed, with the release of the Autocalm EP The Nagging Doubts have delivered an eternal document of this moment in time.

You can stream and purchase the Autocalm EP here