The Obsessives Release ‘Deluxe’ Version Of 2017 Self Titled LP

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In 2017 The Obsessives headed into the studio to record their sophomore record, the band recorded 24 new songs, which they cut down to their 14 track self-titled album that was released on Lame-O Records that year. The album continued even further along their indie rock inspirations, the band has found an acclivity for pop hooks and vibrant instrumentation that give a nod to their heroes, while also fitting alongside the top artists of the modern indie/emo scene. Today The Obsessives have released The Obsessives Deluxe, an updated version of their 2017 self-titled record released as the full 24 track double LP they originally envisioned. The new version of the album features 10 never before released tracks, remastered and re-tracklisted for it’s new format.

The Obsessives Deluxe can be purchased via the Lame-O Records website here