The Oxys Share “Liars, Betrayers And Spies” Video

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Austin-based punk rock ‘n rollers The Oxys have shared the video for Liars, Betrayers And Spies. The band blends 1970’s gutter rock and snot punk with power pop licks on their debut full-length titled,  A Date With The Oxys, that is out now via Dead Beat Records.

“Our singer was in a coma for two weeks leading up to the album release. He really should be dead. When he got out of the hospital, we had to push out a video pronto. Definitely ballsy for him to pull it off. We called up a videographer in town, drove to some crowded office space, and shot it on the spot. The lyrics are self-explanatory. Liars, betrayers and spies … you are constantly surrounded by them.”