The Puncturists Release “The Punk Tourists” EP

  • Gary Hough posted
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When is an album not an EP? or an EP not an album? When it’s a mini-album of course.  And here we have a The Punk Tourists from a band who have only recently formed, The Puncturists. Apparently written on the back of a misdelivered amazon package during lockdown, the band comprises Carl Gulliford on drums and vocals, Pat Crawford on guitars and vocals, Tony Jackson on bass and vocals and Gail Townsend on vocals. You may know Carl and Pat from their previous work in System of Hate.

Pat and Carl kindly sent me some demos as they were writing these tracks and they reminded me of the old school punk sounds you’d hear with the likes of Johnny Moped or The Lurkers coupled with some of the newer punk sounds of Dirtbox Disco. Pat told us that the songs on this new release are observational stories of pandemic; Britain being run by wolves, treating people like sheep, taking away freedom and healthcare, giving away public money to those in perceived power, lies, fraud, dishonesty, inciting hatred and condoning abuse. Even the wildlife went rogue! This is a true UK story…

The Punk Tourists EP is now available via Dead Swan Records