The Real Minx To Release ‘Complete Recordings’ Via Sympathy For The Record Industry.

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It was 1994, Camille Rose GarciaPaula Boldyn, Allie Gottlieb and Lynn Hobensack met while working at the Rock ’N’ Java Coffee Shop in Costa Mesa, California. The four women were dead broke and bonded over their love for The Bangles, The Pandoras, The Muffs and Motörhead. It didn’t take long before someone said “We should be a band!”. It was there that The Real Minx were born.  

“We practiced twice a week. We were terrible, and then after a while we were great.” recalls Camille Rose Garcia, adding “We played crap shows for no money. I dreamt in song. It was pure, rock and roll joy. I lived for it.” “Living in Orange County was plastic and alienating and it took goofing around with the Minx to make it okay,” added Allie Gottlieb, who later played with The Cripples and currently with Cape Fury“Mostly for me it was all about fun, friendship and the music that brought us together during those down and out times.” said Lynn Hobensack of the band, “No car, no money but always had the laughter, good times and The Rock!!”  

The Real Minx songs were recorded by Mike McHugh at The Distillery analog-style onto 2-inch Ampex tape on 16 tracks, then mixed down to 1/4 inch tape. They played the songs all together in the main room of the recording studio, drinking a lot of coffee and smoking cigarettes and cloves, while listening to the playbacks. After a few rough mixes were completed, the band would pile into different friends’ cars with cassette players to listen for any needed tweaks to the mix. Now, Sympathy For The Record Industry is set to release a gatefold double 7″ that features all five songs from this session, along with flyers and the band’s history. A limited number of copies will include a special poster made by Camille Rose Garcia

You can pre-order The Complete Recordings here