The Sleeping Reveal “I Feel Like I’m Becoming A Ghost” On New Album

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The Sleeping have released their fifth album, I Feel Like I’m Becoming A Ghost. Taking their post-hardcore and alternative roots and blending it with a post-punk influence, the band has created a dynamic and emotive eleven tracks. You’ll hear thick, groove filled bass tones complimented by dance-ready keys. Heavier moments backed by pummeling drums and creative riffs that provide an inate chaos and energy. Throughout it all is Douglas Robinson‘s impassioned vocal delivery that offers the listener sincere, emotional connectivity in every line.

“We wrote and recorded all 11 songs over 2 weeks last September in Woodstock, relying on the creative chemistry that was still there, after 20 years. Anxieties, reminiscing about our youths, the struggles of wanting to make something of ourselves – we now see how much of a toll it takes on someone as an adult…. and this record revolves around all of this.”

Sunny Day Real Estate

The Sleeping are currently on tour with Sunny Day Real Estate on the east coast leg of their tour to celebrate the release of I Feel Like I’m Becoming A Ghost.