The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore: A Kickass, 16 Song Compilation

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The Thing That Ate Larry LivermoreAdeline Records are set to release The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore, a new 16 song compilation featuring songs written exclusively for the compilation on May 29, 2012.  

The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore is compiled and produced by Larry Livermore, co-founder and longtime head of Lookout Records, the influential East Bay label that introduced the world to bands like Green Day, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Screeching Weasel and many more.  In addition to his work in the music industry, Livermore is also renowned as a writer and critic, having been a longtime contributor to magazines likeMaximum Rocknroll, Punk Planet, Hit List and numerous others. He also authored the book Spy Rock Memories, detailing the origins of Lookout Records in the backwoods of Northern California.

The compilation features tracks from the likes of Dear Landlord, The Mixtapes, Mean Jeans, The Hextalls,  The Copyrights and The Max Levine Ensemble; the full track listing and a teaser trailer is below. Livermore explained how the compilation came to be saying:

When Billie Joe asked me to put together this compilation, my first reaction was to say, ‘Absolutely not.’  I was too busy with other projects, and besides, I’d been saying for years that I was done with the music business, that people should take me out and shoot me if I ever showed any sign of wanting to get back into it. But then I realized that this was an opportunity to do for a whole new crop of bands what we’d been able to accomplish at Lookout back in the 80s and 90s, which was to bring exciting and passionate music to the attention of a public that might otherwise never get to hear it.  Once I thought about it in that light, it was impossible to say no.”

I chose the bands using the same standards I used when I was at Lookout: I looked for those bands with a certain heart and soul that sets them apart from the literally thousands of run of the mill bands out there, the heart and soul that makes them capable of giving voice not just to their own ideals and visions, but to those of a generation.”


1.            Dear Landlord – Walking Distance
2.            Mixtapes – Right Where To Find Me
3.            Lipstick Homicide – We’ll Be OK
4.            The Dopamines – Business Papers
5.            House Boat – Love Song For The Reclusive
6.            Vacation – No Mercy
7.            The Max Levine Ensemble – Anthem For A New Morning After
8.            Emily’s Army – Good Looks
9.            Weekend Dads – Forget It
10.          City Mouse – One Good Night
11.          Mean Jeans – Bad Dream
12.          Be My Doppelganger – Disappointers
13.          The Hextalls – Me And My Dad
14.          Night Birds – Mr. Monday
15.          The Copyrights – Prove Me Wrong
16.          The Visitors – San Andreas