Trash Fiasco Premiere “Rat Brains” Video From New Album “Exist As Instructed”

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Trash Fiasco have released their second full length, Exist As Instructed, that reveals the full spectrum of the Chicago punk trio’s sonic capabilities. Ranging from the funk-inspired tale Chimney Smoke, to the album’s pseudo-hardcore feature track Rat Brains, the eight track album shares each and every side of these rising punk rockers. At under a minute and a half, the album’s feature track, Rat Brains, highlights the odd and quirky stylings of the band while bringing the sheer power and force that drives their sound. Light on narrative, this song is a departure from the rest of the album in that no explicit story is told, yet the listener can feel the delicate balance between sanity and delusion nonetheless.

Exist As Instructed is a series of character driven stories all centered around the pain, frustration, failure, and anger that derives from living a life measured by external expectations. Experienced through the lenses of many different characters, each eventually choose either that path of authenticity or existing as instructed. Following these stories, powered by punk energy and sound, fills listeners with all the same emotions the characters themselves have. Trash Fiasco recorded Exist as Instructed at Chicago’s Million Yen Studios with engineer Dave Lugo.

Trash Fiasco

Trash Fiasco will be playing an album release show on the 21st march at Chicago’s Reggies with 96 Cougar, Luge & Surf Candy, with further dates in Louisville on the 22nd March and Nashville on the 23rd March.