Trash Fiasco Premiere “Turned To Prey” From Upcoming Album “Exist As Instructed”

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Back in December, the boisterous garage-punk trio, Trash Fiascoannounced that their upcoming full length, Exist as Instructed is due out on the 20th March. Today, the band is dropping off the bellowing third single from the record, Turned To Prey. A showcase of the band’s extremes, Turned To Prey pairs crooning verses with jolting choruses. The end result is a manic amalgamation of sounds that will give you whiplash.

Turned to Prey is an introspection of a character deciding between a safe life and an exemplary one. Measuring the consequences, the narrator lingers on the excruciating pain of letting time pass you by while delaying a life changing decision. Eventually, the character acknowledges that turning back isn’t an option, though moving forward is terrifying. Recorded at Chicago’s Million Yen Studios with engineer Dave Lugo, Turned To Prey exemplifies the album’s theme of character driven internalized rage, all while showcasing the extreme musical spectrum of Trash Fiasco.