Typhoid Rosie Drop Positive New Single “Cover It Up (Fuck You, I’m So Beautiful)”

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Brooklyn, NY’s Typhoid Rosie have dropped their new single, Cover It Up (Fuck You, I’m So Beautiful), that is the second single to be taken from their upcoming fifth album, Last Words, that is due out on June 21st. The track is an affirmation you can shout from rooftops and on the tops of mountains, and most importantly when you’re looking in the mirror.

“I see a few things I would like to change in this World before I’m gone. It seems like people have forgotten just how sacred life is. We have become a duck-lipped society full of disposable, swipe-left mentalities. And I wonder how different the World would be if we built each other up, instead of tearing each other down. That’s why I wrote this song, to help every last person who needs that boost. Defend your self image against the constant dialogue we all hear thousands of times by advertisements that call us too ugly, too old, and too fat, just to sell us products. This is the best sing-along to remember, you’re way more precious than you ever imagined. Sing with me in your stories, in the shower, and in your videos to remind all the trolls and haters:  “FUCK YOU -FUCK YOU- I’M SO BEAUTIFUL..” (frontwoman Rosie Rebel)