Typhoid Rosie Reveal “Something To Fight For” On New Single

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Brooklyn, NY’s Typhoid Rosie have rolled out Something To Fight For, the lead single from their upcoming fifth album, Last Words, that is set to drop on June 21st. Something To Fight For is a rocket fuelled anthem about their dog who suffered a spinal stroke while on the tour which paralyzed him so badly that he didn’t want to live anymore.

“This first song is called “Something To Fight For”. It’s dedicated to my dog Canaan who showed us a great miracle when he suffered paralysis & learned to walk again! We were on tour when my dog had an accident. He was scared & didn’t want to live anymore. He went into the bushes and wanted to die. That’s when we told him, “We’re Not Gonna Leave You In This Shithole Town!” On the album cover, behind the girl who is about to burned at the stake, way in the background- is a real picture of Canaan who now watches over us from Rainbow Bridge. This song is about his fight.” (Frontwoman Rosie Rebel)