Vicious Kitten Records Release Aunt Helen Anthology “Hey Aunt Helen!”

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Vicious Kitten Records have released the Hey Aunt Helen! anthology. Aunt Helen were from the first wave of NYC punk bands, the album includes six songs from Aunt Helen from 1978, including their debut single, Big Money. There is also music from the bands that came after Aunt Helen, including eight hard hitting power pop tunes from The Toys from 1980 and two from The Lone Cowboys from 1983. Hey Aunt Helen! is a 14 track CD collection containing out of print early singles and unreleased demos, all of which are digitally remastered.

Aunt Helen were the first punk band in Western NY to release a single, GG Allin liked their debut single so much he sent the band an envelope full of safety pins to show his appreciation! By 1980, Aunt Helen had morphed into power-pop outfit The Toys, and had signed a major management deal and were courted by all the major labels. They cut one single, the cult classic Livin’ Fast in 1980, that is included alongside five other unreleased songs. Two previously unavailable songs from Lone Cowboys round out the compilation CD.

The common denominator in all three bands ? NYC punk stalwart Kevin K, who since 1995 has released more than 30 solo albums and has toured Europe countless times. 2022 sees the release of Kevin K’s long awaited second book, Hey Aunt Helen!, that follows up to 2010’s critically acclaimed autobiography, How To Become A Successful Loser, with this CD in many ways the perfect accompaniment to the book.

The book is an autobiographical account of his formative years, growing up in Buffalo, discovering rock ‘n roll with his brother Alan, the burgeoning first wave of punk and many great stories about Kevin and Alan’s first punk bands. There are stories from the road, of moving to NYC and following the rock ‘n roll dream. Behind the story are the songs contained on the Hey Aunt Helen! CD.