Vile Assembly Unveil Hard Hitting ‘Last Century Man’ Video

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Vile Assembly are using truth as their weapon of choice, the Liverpool band will release their storming new single, Last Century Man, on Friday April 5th, a blistering rallying cry against careerist politicians, corporate culture and the worldwide exploitation of those most vulnerable. The single takes an uncompromising aim at politics, religion and the establishment through raw and infectious punk rock, this is Vile Assembly at their most vitriolic, but when these masters of their craft express themselves, their artistic and musical talents are always at the forefront. Last Century Man is infectiously melodic with huge guitars and a great hook underpinning Paul Mason‘s unique and stirring vocals. More information on the single and Vile Assembly can be found on the band’s website here

You can view the Last Century Man video, and Vile Assembly‘s UK tour dates, below

Vile Assembly UK Tour Dates


5 – Liverpool District (Details)


4 – Liverpool Sound City (Details

6 – Chesterfield May Day (Details)

11 – Pete Shelley Memorial Statue gig in Wigan (Details)