Vinnie Fiorello Talks Paper + Plastick and Less Than Jake Plans

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Paper + Plastick RecordsLast Wednesday I did a phone interview with Vinnie Fiorello, owner of Paper + Plastick Records and drummer for Florida’s favourite ska-punk act Less Than Jake.

The full interview can be read right here, but certain revelations deserve to some recognition. He talked about plans for the paper side of Paper + Plastick saying:

I’ve been looking for it and I think that what you’ll see start to happen is over the next few months I have a lot of records that will be coming and then after that, I’ll be concentrating on a lot of print. I’ve been shifting through a lot of young comic book artists, I’ve been shifting through a lot of photo journalists who do photo books. So to be honest with you, I’ve just been kind of looking at other authors to do books from them. I think that probably around Christmas time you’ll see the paper side of the label pick up.

Atleast two of those books will be penned by Fiorello himself:

I have a book, an autobiographical book called Perfect Teeth that I’m about a hundred pages into. And then I have a tour story book called Fifty States that I’m almost completed with. Fifty States will probably be printed in a very Cometbus way, if you know that zine, it’ll be printed sort of like that. Everything will be hand written, everything will be very organic. It’ll be printed black and white. It’ll be tour stories. A nod to old punk rock: everything cut and pasted, everything halftone. It’s gonna be cool. You’ll see that probably around middle of the summer. And Perfect Teeth, I don’t know, it’s a work in progress. Hopefully it’ll see the light of day sometime next year.

It’s [Fifty States] basically every lyric I’ve ever written for Less Than Jake with stories about those lyrics; with pictures and just generally a very extravagant sort of look at the writing process of the lyrics and where they came from. Stories about the lyrics and about being on tour, it’s the companion piece to a bunch of Less Than Jake records.

Speaking about Less Than Jake, Fiorello also explained what the band plans to do now that they’ve regained controlled of all of their recordings:

August we’ll be doing a six DVD set of us playing all of our six records live. Then Christmas time will be the re-release of Hello Rockview and the re-release of Losing Streak. And then probably the late spring of 2011 will be Borders and Boundaries and then the late summer/early fall we’ll probably bring Anthem and In With The Out Crowd.

Read the full interview here.