Warped Announce “Precocious Little Bastards” EP To Accompany “Bored! This Was Geelong”Book

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To celebrate the release of the new 680 page book, Bored! This Was Geelong, Warped will release Precious Little Bastards, a seven track EP featuring unreleased and no longer available tracks recorded with the first line-up, on the 5th November. Bored! This Was Geelong is a 680 page glossy hardback photo book that explores the most iconic and memorable moments in the history of Geelong and Melbourne independent and punk rock music through the experiences of the people that made it real, the bands and the fans.

Back in 1990 three teenagers armed with 3 chords and no fear took to the stage at the Eureka Hotel in Geelong to support The Dirty Lovers and Bored!. Beer cans flew, obscenities were flung and a beast was born. 30 years on and the band are still going strong, a force in the rock landscape of Australia. The first line-up, featuring Lightning Watkins on guitar, Cris Crime on drums and Darren “Dez” Dare on bass, laid the groundwork for the decades to come, worshipping at the altar of cheap pedals, noisy rock and one-up-man-ship on stage. Partial to destroying gear and the occasional Humphrey B Bear chair, they stormed through supports with the likes of the Hard-ons, Bored!, The Celibate Rifles, 5678s and Fugazi

In 1992 Darren parted ways with the band and formed Toad with Dave and Buzz from Bored! and Thee Vinyl Creatures. Ben and Cris continued on to tour extensively and release many records including some on the once great Au-Go-Go records. The first three tracks were recorded for two separate compilations, one released by rock industry stalwart Simon Keeler on Shagpile Records and two on Dave ThomasDestroyer Records. The last four tracks were recorded live on Triple R radio and was one of this line-ups’ last performances.

Bored! This Was Geelong, Warped can be purchased here and Precious Little Bastards can be pre-ordered here