Weezer Releases Song For TargetCancer

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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WeezerWeezer has joined up with TargetCancer, a non-profit organization devoted to helping fund research into rare and lesser-known cancers. 

The organization has launched a new download series called ‘The Right Track: Tunes To TargetCancer.’ The series features exclusive downloads of new and rare music from Weezer and various other artists such as Ween and The Donnas. Every month, artists donate unreleased songs for download exclusively on The Right Track. In addition to these exclusive, pay-what-you-wish downloads ($.99 minimum,) The Right Track will sponsor a series of concerts and events, with 100% of proceeds from all of its initiatives going directly to research funding. Donations will bring audiences some of the best new music available today while supporting research at the forefront of cancer treatment.

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo said:
We jumped at the chance to give an exclusive track for TargetCancer Charity. We feel this is an extremely worthy and urgent cause and are all too happy to help out.

People who purchase the “Tunes to TargetCancer” collection will get unreleased music, behind-the-scenes concert footage and information about events before anyone else, along with contributing to a great cause. 

You can buy the album here.