Wiretap Records Release ‘Attention’ Compilation

wiretap-recordsThe Wiretap Records Attention Fall 2016 Compilation is live, it features tracks from Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves, Talk Show Host, Surf Dads, Blowout, Casual Friday, Kamikaze Girls, Same – Band, Get Married, Daydream, Turnaways, Letdown, The Brass Action, Hot Knife, Fourth And Long, Caskitt, Facial, Awkward Age, Lilac Daze, Fossil Youth, No Better, Just Friends, Cedar Spring Motel, Prince Daddy And The Hyena, Forfeit, Stay Wild, Arkless, Sibling, Fox Wound, Spanish Love Songs and Layden And The Lion. Stream it all day long or Pay What You Want for thirty solid tracks. If you discover at least one new band from this comp, the label will have reached their goal. Go support the bands individually, buy their entire album, buy their merch, buy from their store, but also support the indie label that put out the record. 

You can stream and download the Wiretap Records Compilation here