Zero Again To Release ‘Revert To Nothing’ EP

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Featuring members and ex-members of Warwound, Grand Collapse, Stampin’ Ground, Regret, Flux Of Pink Indians, Decadence Within, Bring To Ruin, Ephemeral Foetus and many more, you know this band have a great pedigree. But forget all that; Zero Again are doing something of their own and it’s a powerful mix of Rudimentary Peni, Tragedy, Neurosis, Killing Joke and Dead Kennedys. “Revert To Nothing” is the second EP. from the band, coming hot on the heels of the “Out Of The Crooked Timbers Of Humanity” EP with lyrics reflecting the bleak times we live in politically and socially, adding further weight to these five crushing songs. “Revert To Nothing” will be released on limited run 7″ vinyl  via Kibou Records (UK), Cimex Records (Sweden), Sick World Records (New Zealand) and Little Jan’s Hammer Records (Spain) on the 19th March and is now available for pre-order.