33 West – So Far Off To A Bad Start

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33 West

So Far Off To A Bad Start - Self Released

Starting off with a tropical introduction, you may be a bit skeptical; it sounds more like something on a Hawaiian based TV show rather then a punk CD. But as the next track rolls around you realize that 33 West could be a enjoyable band, and you think to yourself that So Far Off To A Bad Start is more then just a title.

So now your past that shaky start and are really into the CD. With songs like Automatic and Roses, you start thinking that this punk/rock/ska band could go somewhere. High energy, fast paced, good old fashion ska songs are all over the disc; and those are the gems of the album. The horn parts come and go at the right time, never becoming overwhelming and just adding some extra depth to the songs that would be missing without them. The lyrics are comical (well, sometimes dark) and catchy while the melodies are very danceable. The only down side is when they try to do a more solemn, like Call On My Lover for example; or when they drag a song on and on some more then they nee to like the end of The Same Ending or beginning of Cambria. You feel as though they are just trying to fill dead space and should instead just end the song before you get bored.

So Far Off To A Bad Start is a decent album. You can listen to it countless times without really getting bored because you get those odd few songs that really grab you. But then at times, you get bored with the songs and find yourself skipping over them. It has a few gems, but seems to be too dilated at times to really make the album reach its full potential.