A.M. Elevator – Self-Titled

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A.M. Elevator

Self-Titled - Second Records

When I get a new CD, there’s a few things I look at before listening to it. I look at the artwork, the names, the press photo normally on the CD and then, the bio. It is always the bio where I get the most information, because normally, bio tends to really push the CD forward to make the reviewer want to listen to it. Normally they do that anyway. A.M. Elevator is the opposite of that as their simple four line bio stated this: “A.M. Elevator formed this past winter when Walt McAtee and T Sly started recording the bands’ first full-length (“A.M. Elevator”). Walt – from Lexington, KY – and T Sly – from Cincinnati, OH – enlisted Brian Williamson (Cincinnati) and realized they were a band from Cincinnati, OH. (Lexington had lost 2-1).” That’s it, that’s all. It’s pretty boring, and doesn’t say anything about the band or the music. So you start thinking if the band can’t get excited about their CD, why should we? And sadly, once I listened to A.M. Elevator‘s self-titled debut, I still wasn’t excited.

The CD is, in fact, quite boring and laid back. There’s no real kick or punch that really grabs the listener’s attention. It just plays, and goes by, either putting you as sleep or not making any impression at all. The three piece plays a sort of mellow pop-rock that every couple of years has a major hit single, but nothing lasting, and nothing that entertaining. Every once in a while they surprise you with a higher energy track like More Than You Know (which starts off with a great guitar riff and keeps the upbeat going throughout the entire track); but those tracks are few and far between and fail to help keep the CD in the listener’s radar.

There are some positive aspects to the album though. Because while it’s not that exciting or motivating, it is a nice album to spin when you’re relaxing or going for a short little nap. There are a few tracks on the album that capture the listener’s ears, like Known For That, Never Step In or the slow moving slower I Won’t Close You. These songs show that the band has some talent and diversity, hell, Never Step Inis almost a reggae track. Those songs deserve a listen or two, but are still pretty forgettable. Plus, three partially entertaining songs out a ten track album just isn’t worth the high sticker price CD have these days.

Really, A.M. Elevator is nice elevator music. It’s kind of boring, but in little doses, it’s not bad.