Album Review: A Province Of Thay – Atonement

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A Province Of Thay

Atonement - Carrion Choir

Seattle’s A Province Of Thay released their latest release, Atonement, via Carrion Choir at the end of October. This release follows on from their self released 2013 debut, The Grieving, that album was comprised of five songs that juxtaposed melodic vocals and narrative lyrics along with intricate extended song structures, this format is reflected in their latest release, which despite only having four tracks clocks in at an epic 32 minutes.

The band blend doom and goth rock, it is a release that takes the melodies of The Cure and combines them with crushingly heavy riffs, the eclectic nature of their music is not only reflected in their influences, but in in the backgrounds of A Province of Thay‘s members, which range from hardcore and doom metal to indie rock, and electronica, all of which can be heard to exert their influence on the album. This is heavy collection of epic tracks, to me it sounds like the lovechild of the likes of My Chemical Romance and AFI and 1970’s prog rock, albeit one that one that has managed to avoid the self indulgent excesses of the latter influence.

Atonement is an album that balances aggression, ambience, melody and some serious alt rock muscle, they have expanded the atmospheric elements that help them stand apart from their more metal­ influenced peers, without weakening the heavy backbone of their compositions. If anything, Atonement is a darker, more intense, and harder­-hitting album than its predecessor, which took some doing. This is an album that takes time to grow on you, fortuntately I’ve had the chance to give Atonement a few spins and I found the appeal of it’s extended dark melodies grew as they became more familiar. This is a dark and intense release that straddles the line between doom metal, emo and post hardcore, and despite my initial reservations I found myself drawn into Atonement more with each listen.

Atonement can be ordered here