Album Review: Agony Kings – Self Titled

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Agony Kings

Agony Kings - Self Titled

New York crossover thrash punk quartet Agony Kings, who were formerly known as WDKM (What Doesn’t Kill Me) and features False Gods vocalist Mike Stack amongt their number, will unleash their self released and self titled debut album on October 6th 2017. Agony Kings state that they have spent over ten years building up to the release of their first full length, and given the time lapse in making Agony Kings long awaited album it seems appropriate that this album’s thirteen tracks are deeply rooted in old school hardcore and crossover.

Agony Kings debut album starts with a sample from the dystopian movie Strange Days that bemoans the fact that everything has been done and used up, from this point they launch into a blistering cross between old school hardcore and crossover. Everything might have been done, but it certainly isn’t used up, as Agony Kings have sampled heavily from the past to produce a relentless and brutal album that embodies the spirit of the hardcore movement from around three decades ago, a time when metal and punk collided head on to spectacular effect.

Personally I find trying to pick a favourite moment from Agony Kings debut full length to be an impossible task, this is an album that is an aggressive blur and as a result of this I’d predict that anyone listening to this album will either love or hate it. Personally I think bands like Agony Kings are best suited to a live environment where the intensity of this kind of aural barrage really comes across, but if you’re a fan of early recordings by the likes of Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies, or bands such as The Exploited, Agnostic Front and D.R.I. then Agony Kings will be a more than welcome blast from the past.

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