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Bad Dylan

Blood On The Trucks - One Step Outside Records

Blood On The Trucks is a charity album by Bad Dylan, when Alex, of One Step Outside Records, previous band broke up he decided to act on idea he’d had to do a punk Bob Dylan covers album, and to do it for a good cause. There is no doubting Bob Dylan‘s talent as a songwriter, and what you get on Blood On The Trucks is seventeen interpretations of his songs, the tracks are varied across the whole album and what you think of each track will vary immensely, depending on if you like the vocalist that’s contributing to the track and of course whether you like Bob Dylan‘s songs, and everyone must like at least one even if you’re not a fan of the man himself and like a cover by another artist.

The soundtrack for Blood On The Trucks was recorded by the core trio of musicians that make up Bad Dylan, and the vocals are provided by singers from a veritable who’s who of DIY punk bands, including Wonk Unit, Bolshy, Roughneck Riot and Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man. If you’re thinking this is just going to be a series of sped up Bob Dylan covers then you’d be in for a shock, of course there a fair few of those on here, my personal highlights include Tombstone Blues, that features Kurt from Sounds Of Swami, and a superb version of If You See Her Say Hello featuring Molly Tov from Bolshy and Lab Rats, but there are odd moments, the version of Subterranean Homesick Blues, featuring Captain Hotknives on vocals, is a unique interpretation and Rat Cunt Disco‘s mournful vocal on You Belong To Me just had me scratching my head.

The DIY punk scene has always been one that’s inclusive, friendly and willing to support good causes, Blood On The Trucks gives you a list of bands that would make an amazing festival line up, but the music is a means to supporting the Skatepal charity and you should give this album a go, you get a unique compilation on which I guarantee you’ll find something to your taste, and you might even discover your new favourite band via Blood On The Trucks, and a worthy cause gets funding, what’s not to love?

Blood On The Trucks  was released in October and can be ordered here 

100% of profits from the sale of this album will go to SkatePal, you can read more about the charity here