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Veritas - Gunner Records/Luik Music

Catalan! Is the voice and music of Ewen Friers, a veritable wonder of the music world, being that he has toured with the likes of Laura Jane Grace (Against Me), Frank Lero and Thursday, the background is there to bring a wealth of life moments to the debut album ‘Veritas’.

Why Catalan as a band name, well maybe track one gives us a tempting insight or at the very least a clue, ‘Roussillon Serenade’ with its whimsical melodies that are punctuated by the powerful in your face drum beats, all tied together with eclectic guitar riffs that feel worldly, the latter being something that throughout the whole album is a recurring theme, bringing a sound that would be at home in pretty much any continent that it laid its head.  Anyway as to the Catalan connection, Roussillon is an area of southern France that is the historical heart of Catalonia, a beautiful mountainous region, well worth serenading.

What you do find yourself doing without even wanting to, is hearing so many different influences within the the sound of every single track, but then as a whole the album delivers what can only be of it self!  Something that has punk sensibilities within the lyrics, but musically feels commercial, but only from the powerful production that delivers huge listening quality, with all its genre busting moments smashing through wonderfully.

From ‘OKa’ with all its tribal connotations that are played out but then blended together with rock riffs, to the spoken word of ‘Vegetables Of History’ an objective view on humanities historical struggle to be, well human I guess (I’m not the brightest at picking apart poetry).  Hence I’m not gonna even try on ‘GARE’ another spoken word track that well, seems to look at the world of Bloggers, don’t get me started!

Trying to compress this whole piece into any review, may be futile, it an album that as a debut, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to musical content, although ‘Alive’ does stand out as the most intense when it comes to vocal investment, then to end there is ‘There Are Bands’ very anthemic in stature, but embedded with intricacies of sound that take you all the way to the African drumbeat at the end, which kind of sums up the album, worldly and full of a life lived and still to live.

Out on October 2nd in collaboration with Luik Music and Gunner Records

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