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Dealing With Damage

Ask The Questions - Little Rocket Records

Dealing With Damage are a London based punk band that have risen from the ashes of bands such as K-Line, Jerrybuilt, Done Lying Down, Sink, Bad Dress Sense, Chocolate, Down Love, Spandex Nappy Rash and The Scum Children, as impressive a pedigree as that is I suspect that if you’ve heard of more than two or three of these bands you are probably a member of Dealing With Damage, or at least intimately familiar with at least one of them. But the past affiliations of it’s members is not the story behind Dealing With Damage, it’s what they are doing now that matters, “Ask The Questions” follows up on their two EP’s,  2016’s “Navigating The Middle Ground” and 2017’s “Don’t Give In To Fear“, and it is the statement of intent that the band have been slowly building up to.

There is a distinct influence from the roots of punk and the class of ’77 in Dealing With Damage‘s debut full length, political anger, energy levels that are off the chart and short and sweet guitar breaks pervade the majority of the fourteen tracks that populate “Ask The Questions“, there’s also the vocal delivery, there’s an urgency to them that gives the impression that a Tactical Aid Unit is breaking down the door of the studio during the recording session. Whilst the there are common themes across “Ask The Questions” this is not an album that gives you a sense of deja vu, every single track incorporates familiar elements, from straight up punk rock, through garage proto punk roots to jagged post punk and raging hardcore, that are ever present in different ratios across the album, but other elements are thrown into the mix to keep you guessing, dub, country and the spirit of the 60’s protest song all make brief appearances.

Dealing With Damages debut full length proves that they are greater than the sum of their parts, this is a solid debut album that embraces punk’s heritage and drags it into the modern age, sadly this is a world where the dissent and protest, something that for me is a hallmark of most of the best punk bands, has never been more relevant, something that band’s chosen moniker and the album’s title also reflect. Dealing With Damage are an amalgamation of punk’s past that is perfect for post Brexit Britain, dark, stormy, claustrophobic and fucking furious, they are asking all the right questions, whether we get the answers we need is another matter, we can only hope. “Ask The Questions” is now available to order on CD and download via Bandcamp and will be released via digital service providers on February 14th.

Dealing With Damage‘s website is here and they can be found on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.

Ask The Questions” can be purchased on CD and digital formats here