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Sonder - Spartan Records

Wolverhampton alt rock outfit Dearist are set to release their sophomore album, Sonder, via the Seattle independent label Spartan Records on the 27th April 2018 on vinyl and digital formats. Dearist deliver a very British interpretation of the sound of American pioneers such as Taking Back Sunday, Rival Schools and Thursday, along with influences ranging from grunge to emo that have been fuelled through the UK’s thriving underground DIY scene that’s long been a breeding ground for so many bands.

What is clear from the off is that Dearist have developed their sound since the release of their debut album, the brief sombre introduction of Front Matter eases you gently into the album before the driving riff of Beaches grabs you by the throat, this is followed by the more anthemic and radio friendly rocker Fool’s Heart that switches the mood once again. Dearist‘s sound has shifted heavily towards a more rounded rock sound rather than the unpredictability of their debut album, but having said that Sonder does close on a high with Colours, a track that reminds you why Dearist caught your attention in the first place.

Sonder feels like an album that is designed for the American market and it also represents an almighty shift away from their independent debut album, This House Has No Windows. For me they’ve lost part of their character that was undoubtedly spawned from their DIY roots, with Sonder you get the feeling that this is an album that will see Dearist filling much larger venues  and attracting a hefty following on both sides of the Atlantic, but to achieve this Dearist sound like they’ve sacrificed much of the experimental and original nature that characterised their debut album, and from my perspective that’s a shame.

Sonder can be ordered on vinyl and digital formats via Spartan records here and via Bandcamp here

Dearist‘s debut album, This House Has No Windows, is available as a FREE download here