Album Review: Dylan Disaster – Remission

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Dylan Disaster

Remission - Travel Well Records

There is always room for a troubadour, particularly the wearied, worried soul who has come through a lot of stuff and is willing and able to chronicle their journey with honesty and passion. Dylan Disaster is that Texan troubadour and Remission – his second full-length solo outing after 2015’s self-titled record – is an album full of light and shade, often within tracks, that pulls no punches in terms of honest self-examination and catharsis. While the subject matter may be very personal and reflective, there’s a musical intensity that draws from Dylan’s background as the frontman of punk bands. But this is not angry, frustrated noise and bluster. This album is a gritty and reflective piece which dodges and dips into different musical styles and moods, all cemented with a gritty, raw vocal that leaves no doubt as to the underlying pain, confusion and anguish that spawned the songs in the first place.

Musically diverse, this is not all a one-note, one man and his guitar album, though there is some of that (Restless Heart). The single Milestone, for instance, is a full-on driving punk anthem that is full of fire and unexpected twists and turns. In its diversity, the album reflects the life of the artist: the highs and lows, the changes of pace and tone that spawned the songs in the first place. This is a raw, open and emotional record that has an uplifting and energising thread. Mostly though, it’s a photo album of a man who has been on a journey through some dark places and come through with a determination to keep going. There is depth and contemplative self-reflection too, calling back to times gone by (South Long Island). All in all, a journey that is heartfelt and direct and a window into a life lived fully that should put Dylan Disaster into that exclusive club of blue collar American troubadours.

Remission is out today via Travel Well Records and Dylan Disaster‘s website can be found here