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Filthy Hearts

Beyond Repair - Hidden Home Records

Denver punk outfit Filthy Hearts released their debut full length “Beyond Repair” at the end of last month whilst I was sunning myself far far away so this is a bit late but it was worth waiting for. This isn’t the only delay as “Beyond Repair” is the long overdue follow up to heir debut EP “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (Inside)” that was released almost three years ago. The band’s debut release chronicled founding member Ryan Hatfield‘s struggles with anxiety, alcoholism and the pain of leaving his former band The Latimers into four heartfelt punk rock anthems, now with “Beyond Repair” the band have given themselves a more extensive palette to exorcise their demons.

Beyond Repair” opens with “Ambulatory“, a track that indicates that this isn’t so much as addressing the past as looking forward to better future and leaving negative influences in the past, something that strikes a personal chord with me and marks an uplifting start to their debut full length. Despite the positive opener “Beyond Repair” is very much a cathartic album, there is a return to the themes of alcoholism, mortality, anxiety, isolation and illness, but this is no self pitying exercise, every song on this fourteen track album is delivered at break neck pace and with an evident passion and joy in what they’re doing, something that for me makes “Beyond Repair” an essential album.

Filthy Hearts deliver raw gruff punk that is is delivered with a side of pop hooks that just makes the album all the more infectious, “Beyond Repair” is perfect for anyone who has their own personal collection of skeletons in the closet or has to overcome barriers to be who they want to be, and let’s face it that is pretty much every single one of us. This is a glorious exorcism, one that celebrates leaving behind the negatives and embracing the positives that make life worth living, for that reason alone you should pick up a copy of “Beyond Repair“, if you couple the cathartic and uplifting nature of this album with a glorious soundtrack that channels the finest moments from Against Me! and Off With Their Heads then you have an album that is up there with the best releases from 2019.

Beyond Repair” is now available on CD, digital and cassette formats via Hidden Home Records here

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