Album Review: Greg Antista And The Lonely Streets – Shake, Stomp And Stumble

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Greg Antista And The Lonely Streets

Shake, Stomp And Stumble - Primal Beat Records

Greg Antista And The Lonely Streets have evolved from the Californian punk scene, the band is formed from members who cut their teeth with the likes of Joyride, Foxy, The Busstop Hurricanes, Russell Scott & The Hot Rods, Bourbon JonesCadillac Tramps, Manic Hispanic, Final Conflict, Mr. Mirainga, D.I., Mink Daggers, CoDependents and Disguster. If their pedigree isn’t enough to tempt you then their debut album, Shake, Stomp And Stumble, should be as it offers the kind of country and blues infused punk rock that is utterly irresistible.

The album’s opening cut, Shiver, sets Shake, Stomp And Stumble off on the right foot with a sleazy feeling punk blues, the is followed by the distinctly countrified Goodnight Ramona, but don’t let that country tag put you off as this is a song that owes a debt to Johnny Cash rather than Billy Ray CyrusShake, Stomp And Stumble continues to shift between it’s influences across the album’s nine tracks that are delivered in a shade over half an hour, but importantly Greg Antista And The Lonely Streets always retain a punk rock core that sits at the heart of Shake, Stomp And Stumble.

Shake, Stomp And Stumble garners obvious comparisons to Social Distortion with it’s mix of country, rock ‘n roll and blues influenced punk rock, but they are no carbon copy of that band. Shake, Stomp And Stumble is an album whose roots come from the same source as the SoCal legends, but rather than carrying a fuck you attitude Greg Antista And The Lonely Streets have delivered an album that has a genuine warmth and a rock n’ roll sensibility, but crucially it also carries the drive and energy you’d expect from a band borne of the Californian punk scene.

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