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Gruntruck - Found Recordings

Seattle grunge legends Gruntruck are set to finally release their long lost third album, the recordings never previously saw the light of day due to legal issues with their label and the sad death of their lead singer, Ben McMillan. During their brief existence Gruntruck only ever released two albums, their third album was recorded at the end of the nineties but it never saw the light of day, until now, when on October 13th the self titled album will be issued via Found Recordings.

The lead single from the self titled album, Bar Fly, opens things with a dark and distorted opener, from this point Gruntruck continue to live up to their reputation as one of the loudest and heaviest of the grunge bands, every track delivers a heavyweight blow from a scene that changed everything, and fans of Gruntruck will not be disappointed by the eleven tracks that populate this lost album. The greatest tribute that can be paid to the influence of the grunge scene, and bands like Gruntruck, is that it’s influence is still being felt on the current music scene.

It’s a fitting legacy that Gruntruck‘s long lost album will finally be released, as an album like this should never languish unheard in the vaults. It’s no surprise that this album is a time capsule that dates back to the later days of grunge as that is exactly what you get, whilst this is by no means a lost classic it’s an album that deserves to be heard. The main issue is that the production on Gruntruck‘s lost album is distinctly on the raw side, but it could be argued that this captures the nature of the recordings as they were laid down and maybe that’s how things should be, although I can’t help thinking that maybe a slight re-master wouldn’t have hurt.

You can pre-order Gruntruck‘s lost third album via Found Recordings here

Gruntruck‘s Facebook page can be found here