Album Review: JJ And The Real Jerks – Back To The Bottom

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JJ And The Real Jerks

Back To The Bottom - Dead Beat Records

Californian sleaze punks JJ And The Real Jerks have followed up their debut album, Economy Class Ego Trip, and trio of killer singles with their sophomore full length, Back To The Bottom. On their latest release JJ And The Real Jerks serve up a heady dose of rock ‘n roll inspired punk rock that calls up the spirits of the New York Dolls and the Dead Boys, it’s nine pure hits of drugs, sax and rock ‘n roll that takes you back to the roots of the American punk scene, but thankfully this is no pale recreation of those bands, this is the real deal.

Out Of My Means starts the party with a blast of rock ‘n roll that’s an ode to hedonism and living in the red, the rock ‘n roll is balanced against tracks such as Downed Wires and Bottle And Can Retirement Plan that carry more a nervous punk energy, whilst Damaged Goods, Mr. Good Enough and Back In Business bring us back to the dawn of the New York punk scene. The title track carries more of hard edged garage punk feel that brings another dimension to the party, but for me the finest moments on Back To The Bottom are brought to us by the hard edged rock ‘n roll of Tuned Out and Ice Queen, both of these tracks are backed by a seriously dirty grinding guitar riffs which are delivered with a bucketful of fuck you attitude.

For fans of the aforementioned bands whose influence dominates the album, and bands such as Role Models, The Tranzmitors and Rocket From The Crypt this should be an essential purchase, it channels the original sleazy spirit of rock ‘n roll but combines it with the attitude and delivery of punk rock to create a hedonistic half hour that hits the spot nicely. Back to The Bottom is an album dedicated to living fast and not dying young because there’s far too much fun to be had, if you love the kind of hedonistic sleaze and self belief that was personified in the fledgling punk scene then you my have just found your favourite new band.

Back To The Bottom can be ordered on limited edition blue wax via Dead Beat Records here and on black vinyl here