Album Review: Melted – Thin Skin

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Thin Skin - Astro Lizard Records, Celebrity Punk House, Open Door Records, Programme Sounds, Stardumb Records

SoCal suburban burnouts Melted will be releasing their debut album, Thin Skin, on the 16th March via a multi label co-release with Astro Lizard Records, Celebrity Punk House, Open Door Records, Programme Sounds and Stardumb Records. Melted have been around since 2013 and in that time they’ve released a handful of singles and EP’s, including two EP’s released via Burger Records, Ziptripper and Live On KXLU, and now they are set to unleash their debut album onto an unsuspecting world.

Thin Skin kicks off with riotous raw discord of I Always Land Straight On My Face, this transitions into the much poppier Most Days and from here on in this is an album that continually veers across the punk and grunge spectrum, with the only constant factor being the fizzy energy that underpins every track on Thin Skin. The off kilter stoner feel of the album stops Thin Skin from being just another poppy punk album and whilst it’s hard to pin down exactly what this album is, what is clear is that Thin Skin is an impressive chaotic slab of noise, but crucially it’s one that is underpinned by irresistible poppy hooks that draw you into it’s grooves.

Melted have captured and twisted elements of punk, grunge, noise rock and pop punk to create their own unique hybrid, the end result is that Thin Skin is a varied and enjoyable debut album that possesses the hooks of Weezer and the chaos of Culture Abuse. The competing elements are coupled with a raw stripped down undercurrent of punk energy that makes for an impressive, if not slightly shambolic, debut that keeps true to the spirit of their early releases with a hazy, raw and relentless fuzzy barrage.

Thin Skin can be pre-ordered here

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